Des Moines Int'l Airport

Fleet Size

4 at bankruptcy


Des Moines, Iowa, Peoria, Illinois, Moline, Illinois, New York City (LaGuardia), New York, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Los Angeles, California


Des Moines, Iowa


Access Air was an airline that had its headquarters in the Ruan Center 2 in Des Moines, Iowa. AccessAir provided service to cities such as Los Angeles and New York City from its hub in Des Moines, Iowa from 1998 to 2001. Other cities included Colorado Springs, Colorado, Peoria, Illinois and Moline, Illinois. Access was a point-to-point carrier, meaning flights did not always start or stop in its hub city of Des Moines. Access Air utilized a series of thru-flights to connect its route network. For example, if a passenger wanted to fly Access Air from New York to Los Angeles, they would have to first fly through one or two stops, i.e. Peoria, Moline, Des Moines, and Colorado Springs before reaching Los Angeles. In most cases it would be a quick 25 minute turn-around for fuel and a few passengers before continuing on to the next destination. The airline operated Boeing 737-200s. It shut down in 2001 due to low passenger loads and lack of adequate funding. After attempting a small restart operating charters and talk of flying four times per day from Des Moines to Chicago Midway, it shut down completely. The airline's logo was a stylized capital A with a circle around it, similar to " @ ". The aircraft was bare metal with a red stripe along the window line which continued to the rudder (but not the rest of the vertical stabilizer). There was also a black stripe under the red one on the fuselage. The airline's fleet included four 737s registered in the US as N621AC, N623AC, N624AC and N625AC. N621AC and N623AC originally flew under German registration for Lufthansa. After Access Air service, N623AC operated as PK-JGR in Indonesia for Jatayu Airlines.

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