Air France is based in France, as France's flag carrier. It's main hub is Templay-en-France. It is a founding member of Skyteam. Air France serves 36 destinations in France and 198 destinations across 96 countries. Air France was formed 83 years ago in 1933 from a merger of 5 french airlines. In 1993 AirFrance acquired AirInter and again in 2003 with KLM. Since 2004 Air France has been the largest European airlines. Air France operates a fleet of mixed Airbus and Boeing aircraft in modern times. It's cabins are very mainstream, though on longer flights it's in-flight meals are known to be superior. Air France is the official airline of the Cannes Film Festival.

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The Concorde Legacy Edit

Air France was one of the original Concorde operators along with British Airways and Singapore Airways. They were proud and well known owners of Concordes until 2000 when a concorde crashed due to an object on the runway popping a tire sending tire scraps into the wing-fuel tanks. This was similar to an accident in 1979. These accidents brought about the end of The Concorde.

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