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American Airlines is an american airline based in Northeastern United States. It is a major airline serving out of America having competition from United Airlines, US Airways, Delta Airlines and British Airways.American Airlines now has a total of 10 hubs in the USA. Though not as well known is that American Airlines is the world's largest airline by passengers flown, passenger kilometers flown, fleet size and revenue. It also has the second-most destinations, only after United Airlines. In 2011, AMR lost ownership of American Airlines, so it merged with US Airlines to found the largest airline in the world, as of 2015. American Airlines' Subsidiaries include American Eagle. In it's early years, American Airlines was formed from a massive merger of 82 US Airlines in the Early 1930's. In later years, because of the fuel crisis in the 1980's American Airlines has gone through tough times, but it pulled through, something TWA and Pan Am could not be so lucky to share. Lately American airlines has greatly improved it's quality of cabins and Aircraft efficiency, including a rebranding with brand-new liveries, in 2014. Lately, things are looking up for the world's largest airline.

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